7 Hands on Web Design Practices that Can Set You Apart from the Competition

With the Internet teeming with new and improved websites every day, it can be difficult to present something that will attract audiences simply by design. While not to negate the extreme value of great content, it cannot be denied that interesting web design can interest audiences instantly. After all, presentation matters wherever there is competition. Two websites can have the exact same content, but the more attractive one will garner a larger audience by miles in comparison to the plain one. Thus, innovation when it comes to web design can take a business a long way.


Below are the 7 best web design practices followed that can set you apart from the competition:

#1: Navigation

Proper navigation tools are of utmost importance for any website to function properly. If a customer is presented with too complicated  system, they will soon loose either interest or patience or both. The trick is to make the navigation through the website so simple that it requires almost no thought. Ensuring that this part is made easy will automatically ensure that the audience gets to browse through most of the website, and thus gets to view all the content. Categorise the content into easily recognisable sections, and use bold buttons on the main page itself for easy navigation. If one is going for the minimal look, then a helpful drop-down menu with a ‘close’ option should be incorporated into the website. It should be such that when a cursor is brought over the main logo, the drop down menu descends. However, it should also be ensured that the menu stays long enough for the customer to browse through it, hence the ‘close’ option.

#2: Simplicity

Use simple design to juxtapose colour with a plain background. Making the site attractive – especially designing a beautiful and creative logo will get customers to recognise your company better. Remember, complicated designs require much work and effort and they might not always come out well. Simplicity, however, if done right, will always prevail.

#3: Aesthetics

Usage of the wrong combinations of color can make the website seem too loud. Hence, keeping aesthetics in mind while designing the sit becomes imperative. By using different shapes and a particular colors scheme throughout, one can achieve the desired effect as well as be different from the rest.

#4: Interaction

Remember, that the key to keeping the audience engaged is innovation. An interactive website will keep the customer or audience amazed and interested. It gives the impression of participation and discovery, aspects that come in very handy while fighting much competition from other companies.

#5: Animation

Simple animations or usage of cartoons can help add a humorous angle to the website, thus setting it apart from the rest which is usually comprised of serious, matter-of-fact sites. It also adds a little youth into the image, thereby projecting an idea of a company that has vision and dedication to its goal. A little humour and light-heartedness in the right amount can give a very friendly impression, and animation can help further that goal.


#6: Typography

Never underestimate the importance of good, professional font. While the idea of using different, whimsical font may be appealing, professional typography has its own merits. It gives the impression of a dedicated business that is focused and does not wish to dilly dally about frivolous matters.

#7: Usage of Photography

One can break the monotony of a website by using large, tastefully taken photographs to illustrate the different aspects of one’s business. Topic pages can be opened with a sizeable photograph in order to lead the customer into the content. Photos can be used to describe products as well, thereby providing a well-rounded view of what the company is offering.

10 Technologies That We Use Every Day But Do Not Realize It

There are a lot of technologies we use on a daily basis and do not realize it. You will see that there is a good amount of things that we have taken for granted because of the bigger things that have come into the world. Here is a list of the top 10 technologies that we abuse, but decide to oversee

  1. Springs

You might not really believe it, but they are all around us. Not just as parts of the comfy beds and couches we use, but as parts of the very complicated technology that the world is using today. Cars, microwaves, switches and so much more works because of the presence of springs.


  1. Lasers

No. Not the ones which can literally cut a man into half, but the ones which are used at stores for scanning, DVDs and other things. They send signals to the bigger devices and make sure that you are paying the right price for the commodity that you buy. There lasers are also useful in medical surgeries and other processes.

  1. RFID

This is that small radio chip which helps you fly over the toll bridges and other travel tax polls if you have paid them already. It is installed in the booths and recognizes the vehicles that is registered. It also brings up the history of the account of the user so that the officials are not confused.

  1. Accelerometers

Did you send a message from your mobile phone and turn the screen to horizontal alignment? It is because of the accelerometer. It measures the speed of the hand and also makes sure that the screen orientation is according to the angle in which the phone is placed. It also generates the visual output.

  1. Gyroscopes

Many large objects are kept steady because of the use of gyroscopes in them. This means that they will maintain and measure orientation. They have a part to play when it comes to the auto-pilot feature of the airplane, movement of drones and also remote controlled objects.

  1. Radio

The existence of radio is not limited to your grandparents listening to sports commentary and old songs. The same technology is used to gain signals from satellites and provide them to the people. The best example of it is the TV broadcasting, GPS and also your Wifi system. Yes, you still rely largely on it.

  1. Optical character recognition

You would have definitely used CAPTCHA to prove to a system that you are not a robot. This is done using optical character recognition. The other uses of this technology are essentially being able to edit the text in different ways. This is very useful to people who are writing books, making presentations and other visually demanding jobs.

  1. Electromagnetism

One example of this is the touch screen phone that you are almost abusing. Also, the wonderful fridge magnets that have adorned your refrigerator for years on end. All of them are using electromagnetic fields and making sure that you are not missing the mark in your daily life.

  1. Robots

These are not the ones like in small wonder where the robot is almost human, but robots are definitely used for the manufacture of many thing. They make the process easier in many factories. All the machines that are used to assemble the different products and also make sure that they are packages right is done by robots.


  1. Radar

Right from the big things like weather forecasts and aircrafts, radars are used in fishing boats as well. They are used to detect the schools of fish to help the fishermen some time and energy. So, the next time you eat fish, know that the radar has a part to play in it.

10 Breakthrough Technologies Which Shocked the World in 2014

Remember those days when we had film based cameras? We have come a long way since. Today, technology is advancing every day. It has gone from flying airplanes to drones and from watching black white movies to watching one in a different dimension altogether. Technology has made immense progress; some breakthroughs however, deserve a special mention. What were the most mind boggling breakthroughs this year? Let’s find out.

Below are 10 breakthrough technologies that shocked the world in 2014:

Smart Wind and Solar Power:
Ultra-accurate forecasts of wind and solar power are now possible, thanks to artificial intelligence and big data. This makes it feasible to integrate more renewable energy into the grid. In other words, more renewable energy is now available at much lower costs than imagined.


Mobile Collaboration:
Who works at office anymore? We’re working all the time even when we are not at our work stations. Our phones and tablets are good enough to write that blog post or to send the urgent e-mail. This is possible because smartphones now have the productivity software that they needed, the key players being Quip, Quickoffice, Dropbox, Microsoft, Google and the like.

Agile Robots:
If you’re the kind who loves movies like Star Wars and Wall-E, this is probably a dream come true for you. Scientists have created robots that can walk and run on any kind of terrains. Their ability to balance enables them to walk/run on uneven and rough surfaces. Hence, navigating human environments that are inaccessible to wheeled machines has become possible.

Oculus Rift:
For all the gamers out there, Oculus VR gives you the chance to ‘almost’ live in your virtual world! Virtual – reality headsets are available at viably cheap enough prices for a consumer market, taking the entertainment and communications industry to an all new level. The visually immersive interfaces will make you believe that you are fully there.

Genome Editing:
Scientists have created a genome editing tool called CRISPR to create monkeys via vitro fertilization. The tool was used to genetically modify the monkeys which led to the idea of using them to study the complexities of the human body. Creating more primates with intentional mutations will help in the study of human disorders and diseases.

Microscale 3-D Printing:
Inks used from different types of materials can now be used to create objects that we could have never even dreamed about. 3-D printing that uses multiple materials has been invented to create things like tissues with blood vessels. This could lead to the formation of artificial organs and cybog parts, though there’s still a long way to go for that to be a reality.


Brain Mapping:
A high-resolution map has been developed that can show structures of the human brain as small as 20 micrometers! Neuroscientists can rejoice as the added details by the map will guide them in the deducting of the brain’s immensely complex anatomy.

Neuromorphic Chips:
A newly designed chip is giving traditional computer chips competition by taking artificial intelligence to a higher level.  It has the ability to make future computer more perceptive about the happenings around them. Microprocessors are like the human brain. If your phone happens to get this chip, it would have a sixth sense of sorts wherein it would know when to call and whom to call and much more.

Privacy-oriented Smartphones:
Handsets built in with keeping in mind the security and privacy of the user have been introduced into the market. At a time when governments and advertisers are eating in on our privacy with their data collecting ways, this product is a relief!

Agricultural Drones:
Easy to use and not-so-expensive drones are doing the rounds on farmlands. These come with advanced sensor and imaging capabilities which help with the close monitoring of crops that could improve water usage and pest management. A drone to increase yields and reduce the damage, what more could the farmers want?

Micromax Unite 2, an Indian Smartphone That Gives Full Value for Money

You could spend in excess of Rs. 10000 for a phone with quad core processor, 1 GB RAM, 4.7 inch screen and Android KitKat 4.4.2 or you could spend far less and get the Indian Micromax Unite 2, a phone that does everything the global brands do and comes with the added bonus of Indian languages. It sells for around Rs. 8000 and packs in a punch.


Just take a look at the specific features:

  • Screen: 4.7 inch, 16 million colors, IPS LCD multi touch screen, 480×800 pixels
  • Processor: 1.3 GHz Cortex A7, Mediatek MT 6582 chipset and Mali 400 MP2 GPU
  • Memory: Internal 4GB, expandable to 32 GB through microSD and 1 GB RAM
  • Camera: 5 MP rear with LED Flash, Front 2  MP
  • Network: dual SIM (one regular, one micro SIM) one for 3G HSDPA 2100 and second for 2G
  • Data: GPRS, EDGE, HSPA 21.1 @ 5.76 Mbps
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4, Wi-Fi 802
  • Sensors: Proximity, accelerometer
  • Features: Audio, video playback, A GPS, FM Radio
  • Colors: White, Green, Grey, Red
  • Battery: :Li-Ion 2000 mAH, talk time 8 hours, standby 190 hours

Design, Build, Camera, Screen

The Unite looks sophisticated and has clean, curvy lines and build quality appears sturdy. The screen is just right at 4.7 inches, good for hand holding but has wider than expected bezel. Screen resolution is not up there with the best but then the best are quite pricey. For this price 480×800 is more than adequate for viewing images, video and for playing games. The touch is response and it does not take more than a light tip with your finger to get responses. It is bright and viewable even in sunlight. As for camera, the rear 5 MP delivers what you would expect in cameras and phones in this price range: satisfactory but not something in the competition class. Still, videos come out pretty good and images in bright light are enough. More importantly, the 2 MP front camera allows sufficiently for groupfies and selfies. As can be expected the power button is to the right and audio jack and charging ports are located ergonomically.

Processor and performance

Powered by a Quad Core 1.3 GHz Cortex A7 processor, it is not blindingly fast but with 1 GB RAM, minimal UI and KitKat, the phone rocks. You can have multiple apps open, switch from one to the other and not notice any time lag. Browsing is also fast with the GPU, RAM and processor helping out to give a smooth experience that carries over to gaming.

Language Support

If English is your language of choice there are dozens of phones to choose from. If Indian languages are what you seek, then the choices are limited and Unite 2 stands out in this respect with support for Indian languages. The onscreen keyboard is stock and works pretty well, especially when you switch to landscape mode. You can use multi language support in the additional Reverie Keyboard from Micromax.



If you plan to use this phone for internet surfing, whatsapp, social media and chatting, then you will like the fact that it has HSDPA which allows fast 3G internet access. Scrolling WebPages is a smooth experience even if they are graphics heavy and multimedia works just fine.


The Unite features minimal overlay of stock Android, has some Micromax bundled apps and comes at a price of Rs. 8000 or so. The fast processor and 1 GB RAM put it in a cut above the competition in terms of performance, making it a fine value for money proposition. Once you get used to it, you will love it because it is even better in some respects than its higher priced brothers.

Things You Should Keep In Mind While Applying For Home Loan In India

If you think no one cares if you are alive, try missing-out a Home Loan monthly installment. Every financial decision is a result of a proper investigation and an inquiry about the deal. Lately, your choices of houses depend upon the amount of Home Loan the financial institution will sanction you. The Real Estate sector isn’t *easily* affordable, for the majority of the citizen it is ‘dream come true’ situation if you are able to buy an apartment in a metropolitan city in India, it is too high for a common man. Well, that’s another matter, anyway. There are certain elements you should keep in mind before applying for Home Loans in India. It requires a lot of efforts to sanction a home loan deal. A lot of time passes from applying – sanctioning – repayment of loan with the interest rate. Paper work and various other legal evidences are required at every step of Home Loan.


We discuss the various things you should keep in mind while applying for Home Loan in India:

EMI Affordability: The most influential factor from a borrowers’ point of view is the EMI. Don’t let your EMI increase by 40 or 45% of your total salary. In case you think you can earn more in the near future you can pre-pay your loan amount as most banks don’t charge any additional charges if you pre-pay the amount of loan, despite this term not being mentioned in the agreement of the deal before. Also if you have to an agreement, and expect a rise in your income in the future you can divert that additional income to repay your loan amount plus interest on time in case, you don’t have anything more important than repaying your loan.

Down Payment: It is the 2nd most important element to be taken care of when you apply for a home loan in India. Once you are sorted out with the EMI, what you should do is think about giving the maximum down payment amount you can afford. No bank offers you 100% loan on the property you have to pay something from your own pocket – for rest of the amount the bank sanctions you a deal. For example: if you are planning to buy a property worth rupees 25 lakhs you have to at least 20 or 25 % of the total amount as down payment and the bank will sanction you the deal for the remaining amount.


Tenure of Loan: What most of the banks do is they ask you for a period of time in which you would repay your loan amount plus the interest. Here, the interest rate can be higher at the first and lower later or vice versa. What you have to decide is what you want? Pay a lower rate of interest in the earlier stages and then pay at a higher rate in the later stages. It is advisable for you to pay higher rate of interest in the earlier stages because you never know what the interest rate is in the near future. It can be higher than what you would have expected, making you pay more than the expected amount.

Interest Types: there are two types of interests! Fixed and floating. Fixed rate of interest is when the rate of interest *almost* remains constant throughout the tenure of loan. While floating interest refers to the interest rate which fluctuates with changes in the policies of the RBI.

These are the top 4 and most important elements and factors one should understand and consider before opting for a Home Loan in India. Other factors such as: charges and penalties, tax benefits, mutual funds etcetera.

Villas are Gaining Traction in Bangalore! How to Buy One for Yourself?


Bangalore is the most quality conscious city when it comes to the real estate assets. The city has the eye for quality and has fine observation skills ingrained in its culture.

Bangalore had evolved as the research hub for the British during the colonial rule. The city carried on the prestigious tradition after independence as well. More research and manufacturing oriented companies were established in the city which further pushed the research and development in a variety of fields. This has been the primary reason for the city’s evolution into the prime IT hub of India today.


The same detail oriented community that lives and works in the city demands good quality apartments. The tenets of quality of real estate assets are known well to end users and hence builders who try and present substandard products take a beating.

The Demand Trends in Bangalore

The city that is the highest exporter and revenue generator of IT services certainly has no dearth of funds at the disposal of buyers. The realty market of Bangalore is also driven by end users. This ensures that builders offer the right products to the buyers who are aware of quality norms.

It has been realized that high-rise apartments in Bangalore are the commodities which are highest in supply. The city has a huge demand for villas also. The supply of villas however has merely been one twentieth of the whole demand. For every hundred buyers, there are only 5 villas available today.

There are numerous companies which are offering villas in Bangalore as a part of luxury accommodations. But their availability is few and far apart. So how would a buyer interested in this segment of real estate in Bangalore be able to find villas for purchase?

Using Housing.com as a Search Tool

Housing.com allows searching for all types of apartments, including luxury apartments in Bangalore. The basic difference between a luxury apartment and a villa is that the latter is an independent home which may or may not be of the same size as a luxury accommodation.


While searching for villas in Bangalore, users have to look for homes in a particular area in the city. The search results on the portal are presented in a map of the area that is marked by a circle. This circle comprises of all properties which have been specified via number of rooms and cost filters earlier. At this stage, housing.com provides numerous other filters. There is a checkbox marked “independent house”. This checkbox “weeds out” everything else but the independent homes and villas. Interested buyers can then view property specs using property details and make a call.

The second way to search for villas by new developers is by searching through “New Projects”. If a buyer finds nothing satisfactory, then he/she can approach housing.com by clicking the button “post requirement” on the top right corner of the housing.com webpage. Alternately, there is an option to call the housing helpdesk and explain what is desired.

In the latter two cases, the buyer can be specific in laying down the requirements and the housing portal will be able to expedite the request easily.

In Conclusion

The demand for villas and independent homes is high in Bangalore. But most builders do not include villas in their projects because of the large ticket size. But in a city like Bangalore where people are quality conscious, such alternatives may not work out so well in future.

How Does housing.com Help Find Land?

Housing.com is a real estate portal that provides users with reliable information related to property search. The portal allows users to search for houses on sale and on rent. It also comprises of a separate section dedicated to new projects. To help institutional buyers, there is a section to search land. The end users can also find plots for building homes.

The portal additionally provides details of property availability, demand and supply in major cities to help both buyers and sellers gauge the property trends to help appropriate investments. Unique features like Child Friendly Index, Lifestyle Index and property evaluation are also available to help consumers conduct deals more efficiently.


Housing.com has emerged as a source of information dissemination. Apart from the property trends, the portal also allows people to know everything possible about home loans. Then the buyers can check their eligibility and even go ahead with the home loan application.

The Process of Searching homes

If a buyer is looking for Delhi flats for sale, then he/she merely has to type the name of the locality in the city. After selecting the kind of accommodation and the budget range, the details come up on a screen with the map of the locality. All the properties are listed in a circle that marks a two kilometre radius on that map. There is also the option to extend the search area by changing the radius of the map or by shifting its centre.

The details of flats in Delhi in a particular locality are presented in the form of icons with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. which show the number of rooms the property has. If the buyer only wants to view 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats, then there is an option to select only these 2 categories on the search screen. The area of the map remains the same and the property markers are reduced only to show numbers 1 and 2. Moving the mouse pointer over an icon shows the property price, its area and the number of rooms.

Learning about the property 

There is an option to zoom in and out to see the property at its exact location within its neighbourhood. If then one chooses to know more, clicking the property icon reveals more details. A smaller window comes up which shows the property details, society amenities, commuting facilities in the neighbourhood and an overview of the locality.


The sum of all these features is represented in the form of a number between 1 and 10 which is called the Lifestyle Index. This number essentially is a summary of how good or bad a lifestyle can a particular property offer. It calculated using a mathematical formula which takes into account the location of the property, distance of various amenities and available commuting services. This is why it is independent of all personal opinions and is an objective method of highlighting the property as it is.

A prospective buyer can “shortlist” a property from this window if he/she likes it. In case there are more questions, then the landlord/seller can be contacted on the phone. If the landlord is not available, one can leave details like name, email and phone number and await a call back.

In Conclusion

Housing.com simplifies the process of property search by providing all required details in one place. A buyer’s requirement of information pertaining to locality are also answered in one go.